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farm-img1.jpgWe can carry out all electrical installation work on your farm. Fom a new farm installation or from the initial power supply through to final fit off of your new milking shed.

Whether your milk chilling system needs servicing or yoiu are upgrading to a larger vat, or need to improve your milk chilling performance we can assist with various options available thru to state of the art SNAP CHILL systems.

Under the new MPI regulations for monitoring of milk temperatures, pre-cooling data, water and effluent monitoring we have joined up with SMART FARM SYSTEMS to offer the latest technology in Farm Monitoring using Mobile Apps and satelite  data transfer where mobile reception may be an issue.

We can offer advice on installation of water pump systems and effluent pumps, underground cabling for implement sheds and other services. We will advise you on the best options for your installation of pumps and motors with respect to power usage whether Variable Speed Drives or Soft Start options are most suited and cost effective.

If you are upgrading your milking shed, we can replace switchboards, install energy efficient LED lighting, backing gates and water heating systems, We can also carry out installation and maintenance of the refrigeration system on your milk vats.

If you have any motors that require bearings or seals replaced we have a large stock of bearings and seals to be able to carry out repairs within the day.