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Whatever your electrical requirements are we can offer you the solution that best suits your needs. We can price your plans or arrange an onsite consultation offering suggestions from over 35 years experience in the electrical industry. We gaurantee a quality job for our customers at a cost effective price.

All work will be carried out to the highest standard of workmanship and fully comply with the latest Electrical Regulataions AS/NZ3000:2007

All work is tested on completion and we will issue a Certificate of Compliance on completion.


If you are building a new home we can advise you on energy saving options, lighting, power point locations, alarm system, and home heating and ventilation requirements.p

From initial planning, power to property, temporary builders supply, through to prewire, the fit off of all equipment and final completion, our knowledgeable staff will make the journey as informative, helpful, and friendly as it should be.


If you are relocating, occupying new premises or just upgrading your existing shop or offices we can test the light output of existing lighting and advise you on new energy saving lighting options. If heating or air conditioning is required we can give you advise on various options and prices to suit your budget.

We can also look at your power supply amd what would be the cheapest option depending on your electrical requirements.

We are Sales & Service Agents for Starline Washtech Dishwashers.

If you are looking for a new commercial dishwasher please contact us for more information.

We are Sales & Service Agents for Speed Queen Commercial Washing machines & Dryers.

We servive a large range of commercial equipment for restuarants, cafes, supermarkets, laundromats and licensed establishments.

We are Service Agents for Taylor Food Equipment, Moffat, Bakbar, Skope, and Burns & Ferrall and many more. Please call us if you have any enquiry regarding a commercial product that needs service. 


Whether you are starting a new industry or require regular or breakdown maintenance we can meet your requirements. We have years of experience in the industrial engineering sector and the timber processing industry.

Our regular clients are always able to get prompt breakdown service on their plant when otherwise long delays would prove costly in production output and down time for staff. Our extensive range of electrical spare parts means that repairs can be carried out the same day, or at least the plant made operable until exact replacement components have been obtained for out of town suppliers.

We can also carry out plant safety compliance testing of equipment and power tools as required for Health & Safety Regulations.

Having your appliances fitted with Electrical Safety Test Tag for the relevant Safety Test Schedule.

Educational Institutions

Upgrading administration areas, classrooms, teaching withdrawal spaces, libraries or computer rooms then we have lots of experience having completed numerous contracts in schools in the Tokoroa area over the last twenty five years. With the change from boiler heating system to Heatpumps we can offer solutions that will meet Ministry requirements.

To meet the schools Health & Safety requirements we can carry out Safety Testing of all electrical equipment as detailed in the Electrical Regulations. See Safety Testing Schedule and Safety Test Tags.


We can carry out all electrical installation work on your farm.

For a new farm installation, from the initial power supply through to final fit off of your new milking shed.

We can offer advice on installation of water pump systems and effluent pumps, underground cabling for implement sheds and other services. We will advise you on the best options for your installation of pumps and motors with respect to power usage. Whether Variable Speed Drives or Soft Start options are most suited and cost effective.

If you are upgrading your milking shed, we can replace switchboards, install fluorescent or high bay lighting, backing gates and water heating systems,

We can also carry out installation and maintenance of the refrigeration system on your milk vats.

If you have any motors that require bearings or seals replaced we have a large stock of bearings and seals to be able to carry out repairs within the day.

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