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Swimming pools and Spa pools need to be maintained properly for you and your families' enjoyment and health.

We carry a large range of pool & spa chemicals and liquid chlorine to keep your pool looking sparkling clean and healthy.

Swimming Pools

We can offer a free pool testing facility and then give you a weekly maintenance programme that is so easy to use it is called the "ONE MINUTE SYSTEM". There will be no need to carry out the tedious water testing with tablets or test tubes. Just 3 simple steps taking only a minute and you can enjoy your summer days in your pool.

We can carry out maintenance on you pool pump and filter. If you have a sand filter it is recommended that the filter media be replaced every 5 years and we can either supply you with the filter media, or we can carry out the work for you.

If your pool has a filter cartridge we have a range in stock of the common types and otherwise will order to your requirements.

In the unfortunate event that your pool liner has a hole in it, we have repair kits available and if the liner is beyond repair we can supply and install a new pool liner.

All the pool cleaning and maintenance accessories are also available from our workshop.

Spa Pools

As above we can supply you with Chlorine of Bromide pool chemicals for regular use. Should you spa pool have any heating or pumping problems we can carry out prompt repairs no matter which brand of spa pool you own.

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